Dogs in Animal Control

If you are missing a dog, please check the dogs in Animal Control in the City of Hereford Animal Shelter on the corner of N. Progressive Road and 15th Street.  The dogs in the kennels 1 through 14 which starts in the middle of the row of kennels and goes east are dogs that have been picked up by Animal Control. These dogs are generally only held for 72 hours (3 days) and then usually become available for adoption or because of space limitations may be euthanized.

If your dog is missing, check the Animal Control kennels every day.  If your dog is in one of the Animal Control kennels, please call the non-emergency number for the Hereford Police Department 806-363-7120.  It will help if you know the kennel number and can describe the sex of the dog, size, color and markings as well as any collar the dog is wearing.  Keeping a collar on your dog with a current Rabies tag and an ID tag will help in getting your dog home.  Having your dog Microchipped means it can be identified even if the collar is missing.  Other tips to help in finding a lost dog:  have current pictures of your dog including one taken from the front and one taken from the side at the level of the dog that shows all of him including his feet and tail, make flyers to hand out and post that include pictures and a written description of the dog and how to reach you if someone finds or sees the dog. Dogs picked up by an Animal Control Officer cannot be released to the owner by any member of the Humane Society.  The owners have to go through Animal Control or the Police.

The 4 kennels on the east side of the row of kennels are quarantine kennels.  Any information about these dogs has to come from Animal Control or the Police.

The 6 kennels on the west end of the row of kennels numbered 1 through 6 are used by the Humane Society.  These dogs are available for adoption.  Occasionally a few dogs in Animal Control who are still there after 72 hours or who have been surrendered by their owners are available for adoption through the Humane Society.  These dogs are only held if space in Animal Control is available.  If you are interested in one of these dogs, please call the Humane Society number as soon as possibly.  When we have cats for adoption, they are kept in a separate room inside the building.  Appointments are necessary to adopt or meet the animals.  Please call 806-363-6499 for more information or to set up an appointment.  Currently, these dogs are listed on our Facebook page.