Fostering a Pet

HSDSC has started a Foster Program. Several dogs are already in Foster homes and several more are looking for a Foster home.  Dogs that are kenneled for long periods of time are less likely to be adopted.  They can become depressed, nervous, fearful, etc.  They need to relearn what being a dog is all about.  The foster family does have the option to adopt the dog.  People sometimes ask if it is hard to give up a foster dog.  It requires a certain type of person.  There is sadness knowing the dog is leaving but happiness knowing the dog is going to a permanent home.

This is not just a free dog.  The Humane Society retains ownership of the dog and will have a signed contract with the individual who is fostering the animal. We expect regular reports on the dog’s progress.  We provide necessary medical care.  We expect the Foster family to provide a good quality dog food and to keep the dog at a healthy weight.  We expect the dog to be brushed as their coat needs so the dog looks good.  Foster families will need a securely fenced back yard and will be responsible for keeping the dog from roaming.  Most importantly we expect the dog to be “socialized”.  This means that the dog cannot be left in the back yard continuously.  The dog needs to be housebroken, played with, exercised, and taught a few simple commands.  They need to learn about being with people.

Besides the fenced back yard, foster families’ own dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations and be spayed or neutered.

Please Call or Text to fill out a Foster Application